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We have embarked on a transformational journey from a traditional telco to a technology communications company.

We are investing in the latest gigabit network technologies and modern digital IT systems as we connect our customers for a better future.

Our new Technology 2025 strategy is focused on looking beyond pure connectivity by leveraging scaled platforms to deliver customer value and drive new revenue growth.

The Technology 2025 strategy will drive:

The evolution of mobile and fixed network access, transport network simplification and telco cloud, with a specific focus on making the network ‘smarter’ through automation and artificial intelligence.

A future-proof, flexible modern digital IT architecture for a superior customer experience, enabling exponential growth through scalable platform ecosystems.

New capabilities across our network and IT platforms for internal and external use, through open interfaces, with the aim of reducing the time to create new products, and reducing the cost of integration.

Access to Big Data to drive intelligent data-driven decision-making, solutions and operations, enabled via a scalable and secure data platform.

Security and privacy embedded by design in all our projects, products and services throughout their life cycle.

The way we think, behave and operate by growing and developing the right skills, core values and behaviours of a technology communications company.