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We have over 130 million customers on many different devices connected to our world-class networks, serviced through our various distribution and service partners.

Our core services are voice, messaging and data, which are all available on either contract or prepaid. Contract gives you the convenience of paying for services after you've used them via monthly debit order, whereas prepaid lets you control how much you spend upfront without being locked into a contract.

Our products and services keep you connected in whatever way you choose. Whether through a phone call, SMS, email, tweet or status update - or even sending someone money - we are there to make it possible. It's all about helping you get more out of a connected world.

We provide our customers with the technology to engage with their worlds through handsets that are serviced through our various distribution and service partners.

There are many Contract, Top up and Prepaid plans, and ultra-low-cost handsets offering core services like voice, messaging and data:


Enjoy the benefit of only paying for services after use via debit orders.


Enjoy being able to control how much you spend upfront.

Ultra-low-cost handsets

Making it affordable for everyone to get connected.