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Maintaining trust

We are determined to ensure that we act ethically and with integrity across all our operations, in line with our commitment to connecting people to a better future.

Recognising the disruptive nature of digitalisation and its associated challenges, we aim to be a trusted partner to our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve in the digital society.

Doing business ethically Ensuring that our business operates ethically, lawfully and with integrity wherever we operate.

Maintaining trust underpins our purpose and we value and uphold ethical behaviour.

We hold our employees, business partners and suppliers to a high standard of integrity.

Promoting ethical conduct

Our code of conduct and business principles outline the behaviours expected from directors, executives, employees, contractors, business partners and suppliers in line with our ethics strategy and framework. These are supported by policies and activities to ensure we manage our responsibilities.

Code of Conduct

Complying with policies and controls

We comply with relevant laws, evolving regulations and policies across our operations. Our key focus remains on high-risk compliance areas such as trade controls, economic sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing.

As part of our anti-bribery and corruption programme, every Vodacom business must adhere to minimum global standards, which include:

  • Due diligence process
  • Employee training
  • Charitable contributions approval process

Anti-bribery and corruption policy

Developing our employees Developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the customers and societies we serve.

We believe that the well-being of our employees contributes directly to our ability to fulfil our purpose of connecting for a better future.

By enhancing our employee value proposition through empathetic and inclusive policies and practices, we are cultivating a workplace culture where people feel empowered to thrive and positively impact their careers and the realisation of this purpose.

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Fostering workplace equality

Vodacom strives for an inclusive, diverse and gender-balanced culture that celebrates differences, institutionalises support for LGBTQIA+ people, maintains an ethnically diverse environment and ensures accessibility for employees with disabilities. We have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, discrimination, and abuse.

Employee networks work to reinforce our inclusive initiatives, such as hybrid and flexible working, parental leave, mental health support, targeted learning and development programmes, and allyship training. Programmes are designed to help employees through all life stages and challenge societal norms to enable authenticity and inclusivity at work. We promote a non-discriminatory work environment based on the principles of equality to ensure that all employees, including those with HIV/ Aids, TB or any other sensitive physical or mental medical conditions, are not discriminated against and are protected from victimisation.

We continuously improve our workforce capability by discussing race, ethnicity and cultural heritage. #CountMeIn encourages employees to voluntarily disclose their diversity demographics, including race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and caregiving responsibilities, in line with local privacy and legal requirements.

Developing employee skills

We focus on developing diverse talent for the future and building future skills. Our transformation into a new-generation connectivity and digital-services provider requires new skills and capabilities, such as software engineering, automation, and data analysis.

Our talent and succession pools for our most senior roles and female talent are reviewed and updated through an annual talent review and considered by the Board.

Living the Spirit of Vodacom

The Spirit of Vodacom outlines the beliefs we stand for and the key behaviours that help us realise our strategy and purpose. The Spirit of Vodacom underpins the successful and sustainable delivery of our objectives and empowers our people to grow and innovate to meet our customers’ needs.

Protecting privacy and data Maintaining customer’s trust in our ability to protect their data.

We have strict governance processes and controls in place to protect our customers’ personal data, respect their privacy and proactively manage the cyber security risks that face businesses today.

We focus on managing rapid technological advances, regulations associated with using data, and potential disruptions, opportunities and risks.

Managing data privacy

Our data privacy programme ensures we meet the privacy laws and regulations in all our operating companies. We respect and protect the right to privacy, including our customers’ lawful rights to hold and express opinions and share information and ideas without interference.

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Managing cyber security

Our customers use Vodacom products and services because of our next generation capabilities and because they trust that their information is safe.

As a member of Vodafone, we benefit from global collaboration, technology sharing, deep expertise, and greater visibility of emerging threats. We embed preventive and protective controls across our technology, throughout the business and across all our OpCos. We work with third party experts and consultants to maintain specialist skills and follow leading practice.

Every employee is responsible for cyber security and must follow our cyber code, be sensitive to threats and report suspicious activity. Embedded in our code of conduct, our cyber code aligns with cyber security best practice.

Our controls prevent, detect or respond to risks. We use a defined mandatory framework called the cyber security baseline across all our operating companies. A dedicated assurance team reviews and validates the effectiveness of our security controls, and our control environment is subject to regular internal audits. We maintain independently audited information security certifications, including ISO 27001, in South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania. Operating companies comply with national information security requirements where applicable.

We actively engage with stakeholders across industry and with regulators, standard setting bodies and governments. Understanding that increased collaboration across the telecommunication industry is key to tackling cyber crime, Vodacom leads the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team at the Communication Risk Information Centre in South Africa, and is an active member in governmental and industry incident bodies in Tanzania and Egypt.

Protecting people Protecting the fundamental rights of our customers, employees and communities where we operate.

Wherever we operate, we have an opportunity to contribute to advancing the fundamental rights of our customers, employees and communities.

We are conscious of the risks associated with our operations and we work hard to mitigate negative impacts, ensuring we keep people safe.

Managing health and safety

Keeping people safe is one of our most important responsibilities. We focus on creating a safe working environment for everyone working for and on behalf of Vodacom and in the communities in which we operate.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe behaviours. Our Absolute Rules guide our employees, suppliers and contractors, focusing on risks with the highest potential.

We remain focused on physical and mental well-being, with training and services available in each operating company, including providing employee assistance, and temporary disability and psychological support services.

We strive to provide our customers uninterrupted network connectivity without endangering their health.

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Respecting human rights

We are committed to respecting and protecting human rights throughout our business. We adopt an approach based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to ensure that we adequately prevent and address human rights impacts. Respecting human rights is in line with our purpose to connect for good.

Visit human rights

Promoting responsible and inclusive procurement Managing relationships with our direct suppliers and evaluating their commitments to consider social, environmental and ethical impacts when sourcing good and services.

We aim to work with suppliers who closely align with our purpose and who share our values.

We expect our suppliers to meet our mandatory ethical, labour and environmental standards, to be accountable for managing risk in their operations, and to hold their suppliers accountable to equally high standards.

Managing our supply chain

We expect our suppliers and business partners to comply with our code of ethical purchasing. It stipulates the social, ethical and environmental standards that we expect, including in areas such as child and forced labour, health and safety, working hours, discrimination and disciplinary processes. In South Africa, our suppliers are also subject to broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) requirements.

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We believe in supporting the responsible sourcing of minerals. The Vodafone responsible minerals statement provides an overview of Vodafone’s due diligence framework to mitigate any risk that our products contain conflict minerals.

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Vodafone’s responsible minerals report and statement.

Supporting local economic development

Our centralised procurement approach is blended with a localisation approach to contribute to our operating countries’ economic growth. We prioritise purchasing from SMEs, especially black-owned and black-women-owned entities. Our diversity and inclusion efforts extend across our footprint, focusing on women-owned and small enterprises. We give preferential payment terms to ensure qualifying SMEs remain financially sustainable.


We are aiming for 40% women in management roles by 2025.

We are aiming for gender parity in senior leadership by 2030.

We are aiming for 75% of the South African based senior leadership and management to be from an ethnically diverse background by 2030.

Visit our reporting center for progress on our goals.

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Doing What’s Right

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