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Vodacom Business expands data centre footprint with Digital Parks Africa

Monday, 28 June 2021

For more than a decade, Vodacom Business has provided premium data centre facilities to businesses across the country for hosting and managing information technology (IT) services. Now, in partnership with Digital Parks Africa, a provider of wholesale data centres for large-scale data centre needs, Vodacom Business can further support clients’ off-premise data centre requirements while offering the highest IT standards and services.

Today, organisations depend on the effective use of technology more than ever.  Not only to support ongoing business processes, but also to drive new sources of competitive differentiation. Despite the rise of digital services, many organisations are still maintaining business applications and services on physical servers on premise.

Cloud has become the foundation for the new and agile business world, as it allows organisations to scale infrastructure as needed to support changing business priorities. Business clients will now be able to benefit from subject matter expertise in the provision of data centre managed services from both Vodacom Business and Digital Parks Africa.

Data centre for future-ready organisations

While many sectors of the economy have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, internet service providers (ISPs), information technology (IT) infrastructure providers and data centres, have seen a significant increase in demand primarily as a result of the shift towards home and remote working. The data centre has become the backbone of enterprise IT.

Today, no business should be operating without the support of data centres, which have evolved to support the demands of modern-day computing requirements. Vodacom Business and Digital Parks Africa are fully equipped to manage and host information technology (IT) platforms, allowing organisations to focus on their core business without worrying about downtime or technical issues.

“Vodacom Business has proven to be a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes within the data centre and colocation space. Our extensive data centre footprint and capabilities can provide the necessary foundation for businesses of all sizes to change and face digital disruption head-on,” says Kabelo Makwane, Managing Executive for Cloud, Hosting & Security at Vodacom Business.

Vodacom’s solutions and professional skills help organisations in assessing the current information technology (IT) environment, develop a migration strategy that can deliver desired outcomes, customise a strong migration plan and prepare the target cloud environment with the needed security guardrails.

“In the past, large organisations were the only ones who were able to access these types of technology and facilities. However, through partnerships and continually improving our infrastructure, businesses of all sizes can use our facilities and provide the products and services needed in our increasingly digital world,” says Makwane.

Meeting today’s business requirements

Cloud computing has become increasingly integral to business operations in the past year, as companies have had to adjust to remote working conditions while needing to be agile, cost-effective, resource-efficient and innovative with technology.

“There’s a growing trend towards companies migrating their data to the cloud, even in multi-cloud environments. Cloud environments come with Everything-as-a-Service, allowing organisations to focus on their core business operations,” Makwane adds.

Most enterprises, in particular those in regulated sectors of the economy, who are required to keep their data on premise or observe strict privacy, including data sovereignty compliance, can benefit from colocation in localised datacentres to host their IT infrastructure assets with associated high-speed connectivity. In other scenarios, enterprises will require a hybrid approach to their cloud journey, where they can progress from a ‘lift and shift’ approach to move their infrastructure into a hosted environment, then gradually migrate to hosted private cloud and as they become more comfortable with cloud technology over time, move to full public cloud adoption.

“As an AWS Outposts Ready partner in Africa, given our Tier certified datacentres, we are able to deploy AWS Outposts Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud. Similarly, we are able to also deploy Azure Stack hybrid cloud and Huawei private cloud infrastructures just as well. These datacentres afford enterprises a cloud adoption journey which is flexible and is on their terms while protecting their existing IT investment as they modernise and transform their IT operations”, concludes Makwane.

With an expanded data centre footprint, Vodacom Business can offer clients digital services which will accelerate their digital transformation and cloud adoption strategies for organisations of all sizes.

As one of Africa’s leaders in technology, Vodacom Business, along with partners like Digital Parks Africa, is helping organisations efficiently manage their IT from anywhere and at any time. The Vodacom Cloud Hosting Data Centre offers clients a way to protect their business from increased mobile and enterprise security threats while remotely monitoring their cloud hosting environment and more. Cybersecurity remains a concern for businesses of all sizes as protecting devices, networks, client data and apps is an essential component of doing business in today’s digital world. To this end, Vodacom Business offers products and solutions to protect clients from today’s increasingly sophisticated online threats.

Vodacom Business is here to help take organisations’ business to the next level, through a wide range of products and services to fulfil the needs of businesses today. From mobile and fixed-line connections to a wealth of broadband and networking solutions, Vodacom Business will keep every organisation confidently connected.


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Vodacom Business expands data centre footprint with Digital Parks Africa | Vodacom Group