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Connectivity convenience with Vodacom's Business Ticket

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Keeping a remote workforce connected in the forever-changed business landscape has been a unique challenge for SMEs and large enterprises alike. To ensure work-from-home teams have the data required to access business-critical applications, Vodacom Business has introduced Business Tickets, a first-to-market innovation offered exclusively to Vodacom Business clients.

Business Tickets provide a cost-effective, collaborative way to stay connected and productive. Ring-fenced for exclusive access to select business-critical online applications, these data bundles support everything from email to cloud storage, navigation and social apps.

“With Business Tickets, you only pay for the data your organisation needs, for the business-specific apps they need the most for their business,” highlights Fatima Hassim, Managing Executive of Fixed & Mobile at Vodacom Business. “Your staff always has guaranteed, reliable access to these relevant apps, without needing to tap into personal data at their own cost.”

There are six options to choose from across the Business Tickets suite: Email Lite; Email Plus; Navigation; Cloud Storage; Collaboration; and Social. Each of these options offers benefits under four main pillars: cost savings, customisation, convenience, and scalability.

Cost-effective and customisable
Post pandemic, many businesses will have to re-evaluate their cost structures. Business Tickets ensure access to business specific apps included in the tickets they buy, helping businesses manage and reduce operational budgets without impacting productivity. There are different Ticket categories for varying business demands, giving you the flexibility to add or remove Tickets based on your budget and period-specific requirements.

Various teams may not need access to apps covered under the full suite, while other teams may need access to more than one Ticket: you choose your set-up based on your unique needs. For example, the Navigation Ticket might be used for your logistics department, the Cloud Ticket for teams needing a secure platform for documentation uploading and back-ups, or Collaboration and Social Tickets for your marketing team to plan, share and action tasks.

Convenient and scalable
As for convenience, Vodacom Business has made adding Tickets to your bill incredibly easy, through any of these channels: via the Vodacom app; online through the Vodacom Business website; through a converged portal; or by USSD (text-based Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). These platforms give quick and easy access for changes, whether you want to cancel, add or manage tickets, highlighting the scalability and flexibility of this solution.

Cost and scope of each Business Ticket
The Email Lite Ticket covers Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo with 1GB of data at R59 for 30 days’ access. The Email Plus Ticket spans the same apps but provides 2GB of data at R89 for 30 days’ access.

The Navigation Ticket provides 3GB of data for 30 days’ access to Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze at R99. The Cloud Ticket costs R159 for 5GB, used to access OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud for 30 days. The Social Ticket gives exclusive access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using 1GB of data at R60 for 30 days.

The Collaboration Ticket covers Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex, giving access to these platforms for 30 days. Here, you have a choice between four pricing/data options starting at 10GB for R179 up to 100GB for R649.

“We want to help our clients go further together; optimising budgets by only paying for the data needed by their teams to stay productive at any given time is one of the ways we can do this. We also understand that business needs are always in flux, which is why you need a tech provider like Vodacom Business with effective, proactive business-centric solutions specifically designed with the current working environment in mind,” concludes Hassim.

Interested in streamlining the way you do business with our Business Tickets? Visit the Vodacom Business site for more information or to have your Business Tickets set up.

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Connectivity convenience with Vodacom's Business Ticket | Vodacom Group