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Vodacom launches Alcatel2019G phone for the elderly, making digital society accessible to all

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Vodacom is committed to building an accessible and inclusive digital society using technology that is relevant to everyone. In line with this, Vodacom has launched the Alcatel 2019G phone series which comes standard with a large keypad and simple user interface with big icons, ideal for those with low vision as well as the elderly.

For more than a decade, Vodacom has provided inclusive technologies to meet the needs of people with visual impairments, those who experience communication barriers, and senior citizens. The Alcatel 2019G, which retails at R649 cash, and is available at reduced monthly subscriptions on certain contracts, is available on the Vodacom website as well as at Vodacom stores nationwide. The device comes standard with a dedicated charging dock, SOS emergency function, torch, lock and unlock key, 16 hours talk time, 2MP rear camera as well as a wireless FM Radio that users can enjoyed without a headphone.

“Some of our senior citizens have been consistent in their feedback to us – they prefer a device with a large keypad. In line with our purpose pillar of creating an inclusive digital society, the introduction of the Alcatel 2019 series helps us make sure no one is left behind. As we move into the digital age, we want to make sure all segments of our market migrate into this new digital world,” says Karen Smit, Vodacom Principal Specialist for Specific Needs.

As part of Vodacom’s continued commitment to connecting the most vulnerable citizens and removing barriers for all, Vodacom also offers text-based channels for deaf, hearing impaired, speech impaired and Deafblind customers to access emergency services.

The Vodacom 112 Emergency Service App allows users to contact the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre such as police, ambulance, fire and sea rescue for themselves or for others by simply downloading the app from their respective app stores. The Vodacom SMS Emergency Service allows registered customers to request emergency services by sending an SMS with the word “Help” to 082 112, along with information relating to the emergency.

To ensure that all people with communication barriers on the Vodacom network have access to emergency service information, Vodacom has included the Emergency Services for people with communications barriers link on Vodacom’s zero-rated ConnectU platform, meaning customers can access this information without worrying about the cost of data. This information can be found by visiting, and clicking on the Safety and Security tab – and it is free from a Vodacom SIM.

A key strategy to Vodacom’s Specific Needs department is ensuring that each and every customer with a communication barrier experiences excellent customer service through all our channels, including social media platforms.

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SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R139 Reduced Sub PM on Smart XS +
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R139 Reduced Sub PM on uChoose Flexi 175
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R169 Reduced Sub PM on Smart Top Up XS +
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R189 Reduced Sub PM on uChoose Flexi 230
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R289 Reduced Sub PM on uChoose Flexi 390
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R59 Reduced Sub PM on uChoose Flexi 65
SPECIFIC NEEDS: ALCATEL 2019G + 200SMS X 24 @ R99 Reduced Sub PM on uChoose Flexi 125

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