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Intelligent Wi-Fi just got an upgrade

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Faster speeds, enhanced security and superior support for the Internet of Things (IoT) are just three reasons why Wi-fi 6 technology is set to transform Enterprise wireless networks. As the first Telco in South Africa to upgrade its Enterprise offering to the latest generation of Wi-Fi, Vodacom Business is ideally positioned to provide a robust offering to support businesses on their digital journey while bridging the performance gap towards ten gigabit speeds.

The explosive growth of devices and applications over the past 20 years has resulted in an insatiable demand for faster and better Wi-Fi. With the introduction of the Wi-Fi 6, Vodacom Business will offer faster network performance, connecting more devices simultaneously and transforming Wi-Fi from a ‘best-effort’ endeavour to a wireless technology that will become the new standard for internet connectivity and quality.

While there is always a focus on high throughput, what really matters is how efficiently the wireless spectrum is utilised which is one of the most important features of the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. For example, the first Wi-Fi standard pushed 0.1 bps/Hz. In sharp contrast, Wi-Fi 6 pushes up to 62.5 bps/Hz.  

Beyond offering faster speeds and lower latency than its predecessors, Wi-Fi 6 promises better performance with multiple devices all competing for attention on the same network. A perfect example, which provides a better understanding of Wi-Fi 6, is that of a factory scenario which has quite a dense environment. Wi-Fi 6 will allow wireless connectivity to be possible for a much longer range due to the efficient use of spectrum, as well as a lower power consumption for Internet of Things (IoT) devices which are powered by batteries. Wi-Fi 6 is therefore perfect for enabling IoT devices at a reduced cost, as it will be running on existing network infrastructure, and this would help with the automation of an environment.

“This latest technology will make it possible for a more seamless integration of systems that support the next generation business requirements of a mobile workforce, improving on efficiencies, and providing a transparent & hyper-speed network, with software analytics overlays, whilst optimising power use and cost savings . It still works on the same frequency channels as Wi-Fi 5, but Wi-Fi 6 offers a more secure, robust network performance”, says Fatima Hassim, Managing Executive for Vodacom Business.

Enterprise Wi-Fi can be considered one of the next generation technologies that enable businesses to better understand their network trends, as well as the usage of end users whether it be an employee or a customer. Business grade Wi-Fi connectivity also includes management and powerful analytics options and owners of this solution will have full control of their wireless network and have a granular view of what is happening on the network.

This new standard delivers techniques such as Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) and multi-user multiple-in multiple-out (MU-MIMO) which increase reliability, efficiency and improve the average performance by creating a narrower, albeit dedicated sub-channel. Moreover, OFDMA boosts spectral efficiency and reduces latency, while supporting other uses such as email or light web browsing.
This technology can be applied to various industries and sectors such as educational facilities, manufacturing, hospitality, retail spaces and other public enterprises that have thousands, if not tens of thousands of users’ active users in an area.

With more businesses embracing greater mobility within their workspace, this solution will be able to support the next generation workforce. 

Vodacom Business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help your business perform at its best. Visit Vodacom Business to browse for internet solutions that is best for you.

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