Vodacom SDG Report 2020

2 Vodafone Group UN SDGs | 2020 NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN In South Africa, the National Development Plan (NDP) is the guiding document focused on eliminating poverty and reducing inequality by 2030. In essence, it states that South Africa can realise these goals by drawing on the energies of its people, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capacity of the state, and promoting leadership and partnerships throughout society. The main objective of the NDP is to ensure that all South Africans attain a decent standard of living by eliminating poverty and reducing inequality. The NDP has been approved and adopted by government and is supported by the broader society. The aspects of the NDP and SDGs are related and striving to achieve the goals of both frameworks will result in the attainment of sustainable development for the majority of communities. Vodacom’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals VODACOM’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTAL GOALS Vodacom connects 116 million people across our markets to the digital society. We are optimistic about how technology and connectivity can enhance the future and improve people’s lives. Through our business we aim to build a digital society that transforms communities, embraces everyone, leaving no one behind, and does not come at the cost of the planet. We believe that Vodacom has a significant role to play in contributing to the societies in which we operate. During the year, we articulated our purpose – the ambition to improve the next 100 million lives and halve our environmental impact by 2025, and build on existing and new initiatives, efforts and solutions in our markets. We aspire to enable an inclusive and sustainable digital society. In parallel, we remain dedicated to ensuring that Vodacom operates responsibly and ethically, supported by our social contract. Our purpose is aligned to the SDGs as we believe that our solutions to drive digital and financial inclusion can enhance the achievement of these goals. This year marks the beginning of the ‘decade of delivery’ to achieve the SDGs, which provide a clear roadmap and call to action for business to contribute towards creating a better future. We strongly believe that improved voice and data connectivity is a powerful tool for accelerating socioeconomic transformation and contributing meaningfully towards achieving national and global development objectives. Through the impact of our products and services (such as our education, healthcare, financial inclusion and agriculture platforms) and the work of the Vodacom Foundation, we believe we can increase the speed and scale of the delivery of the SDGs. In alignment with our strategy and business objectives, we have identified and prioritised eight SDGs where we believe we have the most significant impact. BACKGROUND The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed to transform the world by presenting a unified vision to end poverty, reduce inequality and prevent further harm to the planet. The SDGs define global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and represent an unprecedented opportunity to eliminate extreme poverty and put the world on a sustainable path. Governments worldwide including the South African government have already agreed to these goals. This annual report highlights our key contributions to the SDGs for the financial year 2020.