VODACOM Great Things We Did in 2019

7 Vodacom Group Limited GREAT THINGS WE DID IN 2019 Education Ecosystem Pillar 3 Teachers The third pillar of the education ecosystem focuses on teacher training programmes. Vodacom collaborated with the DBE, Microsoft and Publishers, amongst others to train teachers on the integration of ICT in the classroom. There are currently 92 teacher centres provided with furniture, maintenance and unlimited connectivity. More than Case Study Code Like a Girl programme As part of our efforts to drive digital literacy in communities, Vodacom introduced the Code Like a Girl programme. Through this programme, 468 young girls have been trained on coding skills. Although the programme is aimed at teaching girls how to code, in KZN – we partnered with Geekulcha for the inaugural youth in ICT to teach 50 boys and girls how to code. Communities The fourth pillar focuses on ensuring that communities also benefit from the ecosystem. The above-mentioned teacher centres are used as technology hubs for providing access to the internet for communities. In the teacher centres, more than 1 000 female farmers were trained on digital skills. Through the Youth Academy, Vodacom trained 1 333 (2019: 171) graduates on Cisco and Microsoft accredited programmes since inception in 2013. Through this programme, five graduates were employed by a Vodacom franchisee in KZN. In 2019, Vodacom introduced a work skills programme that focuses on re-training unemployed Youth Academy alumni; 30 young people recruited from the Youth Academy alumni were deployed to the Schools of Excellence, NPOs and teacher centres. Education Ecosystem Pillar 4 300 000 teachers have been trained on digital skills since inception. More than R12.7 million was spent on connectivity in 2019, in the teacher centres. In 2019 the teacher training sessions included DBE Maths and Science, ICT teacher development training, coding for learners and digital literacy, amongst others.