VODACOM Great Things We Did in 2019

29 Vodacom Group Limited GREAT THINGS WE DID IN 2019 Sustainable operations Our role in reducing general waste Vodacom continues to embed the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in its operations and engages with supply chain to improve efficiencies and reduce waste where possible. The campaign against single-use plastics continues and Vodacom encourages suppliers to phase out single-use plastics in canteens nationwide. In 2019, we reduced 132 tons of waste sent to landfill through a polystyrene baling operation. Vodacom also converts food waste into compost to fertilise our gardens. In 2019, Vodacom further reduced the use of water coolers and plastic drinking cups in our offices. Vodacom becomes the first Telco in SA to ban plastic bags in retail stores As part of efforts to reduce our environmental impact, Vodacom became South Africa’s first telecommunications company to ban the issuing of plastic bags to customers in stores in 2019. We replaced plastic bags with brown paper bags, which are comparatively less harmful to the environment. Plastic is not biodegradable and typically ends up in a landfill where it is buried, leaching out harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater, and/or in the ocean where it harms marine life. Reducing electronic waste As Vodacom continues to invest in providing high quality networks, our commitment is to ensure that the waste generated by our operations is managed in a responsible manner. In 2019, Vodacom reused more than 180 tons of equipment by introducing these items into regions where needed. Furthermore, 100 tons of batteries were rejuvenated extending the useful life whilst 210 tons of e-waste was recycled.