VODACOM Great Things We Did in 2019

1 Vodacom Group Limited GREAT THINGS WE DID IN 2019 Our purpose and social contract In an effort to build and retain the trust of our stakeholders, and to ensure that digital connectivity delivers on its full potential, we have committed to becoming a purpose- led organisation, guided by a clear social contract – to promote a duty of care to our customers, ensure fairness and inclusivity, and maintain a reputation for responsible leadership and innovation. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Vodacom is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and continues to leverage mobile networks services to accelerate the achievement of the UN SDGs. The 17 UN SDGs were developed to transform the world by presenting a unified vision to end poverty, reduce inequality and prevent further harm to the planet. Vodacom is committed to playing a transformative role in the provision of financial services, education, healthcare and agriculture, demonstrating leadership in promoting B-BBEE in South Africa and protecting our planet. In alignment with our strategy and business objectives, Vodacom has been focusing on eight goals to make the most significant impact. Vodacom recognises the interrelatedness of the UN SDGs, and continues to explore opportunities to contribute towards the other goals. Given that many of our products and services evidently contribute directly towards the delivery of certain UN SDGs, our internal UN SDG programme aims to provide a common vision that merges financial growth, social development and environmental performance whilst contributing to the UN SDGs.