VODACOM Great Things We Did in 2019

27 Vodacom Group Limited GREAT THINGS WE DID IN 2019 Mitigating climate change through energy initiatives Vodacom building re-certified with 5 star green rating by the GBCSA Vodacom’s efforts in adopting renewable energy into its property portfolio has seen the company achieve a 5 star re-certification from the Green Building Council for the existing building performance of our Century City office building. We are proud of this achievement and use this accolade to influence further investment in renewable energy solutions within our property portfolio. Vodacom installs solar in base station controller Vodacom is committed to reducing its impact on climate change and is ramping up efforts to deploy renewable energy solutions at our operations. We continue to invest in solar power where feasible and in 2019, have installed a 34 kW solar installation at a base station controller (BSC) site in Randburg. Vodacom installs IoT capabilities in base stations Vodacom’s current primary source of energy is from the grid. The electricity sourced from the grid (mainly from carbon intensive fossil fuels) is supplemented by electricity generated from diesel generators, solar panels, fuel cells and batteries mostly owned and/or managed by Vodacom. Our main objective is to reach a 50% reduction in our environmental impact by 2025. One of the projects aimed at reducing our impact is the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) capability in our base station sites, which significantly reduces our energy consumption. In 2019, more than 3 000 sites were implemented with IoT capability and our plan is to roll-out this project to all our base station sites.