VODACOM Great Things We Did in 2019

24 Vodacom Group Limited GREAT THINGS WE DID IN 2019 Digitising governmental services The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) activated the Smart electricity metering from the transversal contract, which has improved commercial and industry billed revenue. The solution verifies bills from Eskom, controls daily electricity utilisation by residential municipal customers and monitors any tampering activities. Approximately 63 000 meters have been installed in the municipality. Digitising the government and private sector Vodacom partners with Altron and Toyota to drive Africa’s first connected vehicles Vodacom partnered with Altron Netstar and Toyota to introduce a first of its kind IoT partnership on the African continent. Data transfer through mobile networks is, in essence, the lifeblood to the connected car ecosystem. Vodacom’s scale and market penetration within this space made it the partner of choice for Altron Netstar and Toyota to drive the next phase of connected vehicles. Digital Society  continued Digitising the transport industry Vodacom provided an integrated fleet management solution to Prasa that monitors the vehicles, driver behaviours, driver identification and also recovers any stolen vehicles through its IoT capability. This solution has increased safety in buses, increased visibility, control and security of the fleet as well as efficient management of vehicles.