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Vodacom Education



In 2011, Vodacom launched its flagship Mobile Education Programme by partnering with the Department of Basic Education, Microsoft, Cisco and Mindset to empower teachers  through access to information and communications technology (ICT).


The Programme has the following pillars: Training, Content, Connectivity and Equipment. The programme has trained over 10 000 teachers in Maths, Science and on the use of ICT integration to improve their teaching in these subjects. These teachers are from Vodacom Foundation supported schools.


In addition, Vodacom hosts a teacher’s portal called the digital classroom, which to date has seen over 60 000 visits. The Portal offers a comprehensive range of online educational resources designed to improve ICT skills and teaching in all subjects.  Visit www.digitalclassroom.co.za for more information.


A gateway offering free internet access has also been created for teachers on the Programme promoting access to learning at anytime,from anywhere.


A total of 40 teacher centres have been established to offer teacher development training, youth and community programmes.


There have been a total of 893 schools equipped with ICT equipment. The Vodacom Foundation offers connectivity to these schools and centres, which enables them to freely access information.


Vodacom  also hosts a series of online seminars for Maths and Science teachers. Each webinar lasts for 1 hour with Maths on Tuesdays at 15h00 and Science on Thursdays at 15h00. The webinars are free for schools and centres with internet connection.


Each week will focus on providing practical and pedagogical support to teachers in teaching a particular upcoming CAPS topic. Each webinar is also interactive to allow teachers to contribute to the conversation with their own ideas, suggestions or questions. Teachers can interact via Twitter using the hashtags #vtmaths and #vtscience or via Facebook. For more on thewebinars, visit teach.mindset.co.za/webinars


In partnership with CISCO, Vodacom has also initiated an IT skills programme for unemployed youth. This is run in 9 of the Centres that have been accredited as CISCO academies.


Other Vodacom social investment programmes in the area of education include the Vodacom Foundation’s national stationery drive, where Vodacom provided stationery to 180 000 learners from quintile one and two primary and high schools; the Vodacom Bursary Scheme, which supports learners by providing bursaries in the science and technology fields; the Vodacom Millionaires programme, which donates four computer centres to public schools in South Africa every month; and support to the Department of Basic Education in its food security programme.


Through these Vodacom Foundation programmes, Vodacom will continue to build on its success of the past 15 years to help make our communities a better place to live in.