At Vodacom, our sustainability journey is our business journey. We do not see sustainability as separate to our core business, nor do we see it as a discrete set of issues that need to be ‘managed’. Rather, we continue to unlock value in our business by using it as a lens through which to identify the risks and opportunities that affect our ability to continue to add value to our stakeholders and to fulfil our purpose.

Our industry is fast-paced and exciting, with an ever-increasing rate of change and increasing complexity. The issues that matter to our business and our stakeholders will continue to evolve, as will our strategy to deal with them. Our sustainability priorities and initiatives will live and grow with these changing times. We will continue to engage our people and external stakeholders for the issues that matter most to them, and develop a response that moves our business forward and fulfils our purpose in society.

We create value in the economies in which we operate. Our network transfers information, enables communication and facilitates business activities. Recognising the impacts of sustainability issues on our business is key to ensuring that we adequately consider the risks and opportunities that would influence our ability to create and sustain value now and into the future.

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