The duties of this Committee include:

  • Determine, agree and develop the Group’s remuneration policy and philosophy
  • Determine and agree the remuneration and overall compensation package for the CEO, CFO and any other executive director on the Board
  • Ensure that competitive reward strategies and programmes are in place to facilitate the recruitment, motivation and retention of high-performance staff at all levels in support of realising corporate objectives and to safeguard stakeholder interests
  • Review and recommend to the Board the relevant criteria necessary to measure the performance of executives
  • Consider other special benefits or arrangements of a substantive financial nature
  • Review employment policies
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and codes; and
  • Regularly monitor the application of the Group’s remuneration policy to ensure it is appropriate, fair and reasonable from both an internal business perspective as well as an external market perspective

Latest online report is available under Page 106-119: