Our Impact

Economical contribution

We believe we can help to build a more sustainable future by delivering products and services that enable positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for our stakeholders worldwide.

ICT penetration drives economic growth, which creates employment, which in turn drives growth. In all the countries within which we operate, we create value for all our stakeholders by:

Investing in our business

Providing high-quality networks is the foundation of a truly differentiated customer experience, helping us to retain existing customers and attract new customers. We invested R 10 779 million (2013: R9 456 million) in capital expenditure to build and maintain high quality networks in all our operations as the foundation for reliable voice and data services.

Contributing to our countries

Vodacom plays an important role in helping to develop the economies of the countries in which it operates. We are a major investor, taxpayer, employer and purchaser of local goods and services. We also make a vital contribution to the delivery of governments’ policy objectives through our substantial capital expenditure in building the next generation of digital infrastructure.

Our corporate tax contributions amounted to R 5 194 million (R5 337m in 2013) to public finances through corporate taxes, which account for only a portion of our many direct and indirect contributions to public finances in the countries in which we operate.

Investing in our people

Our 7 225 employees are vital to our performance and success. We continue to develop our people to meet the requirements of our business. Moreover, we engage with them and use our annual People Survey to track how engaged, well managed and included our employees feel.

One of the most important ways in which we invest in our people is through our talent programmes. We distributed R 4 609 million (R4 427m in 2013) to our employees in salaries, short- and long-term incentives and contributions to pension funds and medical aid schemes.

Returns for our providers of finance

Our equity shareholders and debt funders received R13 149 million (2013: R12 697 million) of the value we created: R12 098 million in dividends and R1 051 million in interest respectively.
By investing in and funding Vodacom, we are able to make the investments necessary to support our growth and deliver the best networks and in turn return value to our providers of finance.

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