Vodacom Volunteers

What our CSI financial investment doesn’t reflect is the passion of our employees. The Vodacom Volunteers programme - established in 2006 - creates opportunities within a secure environment for our employees to volunteer their goods, time, skills and cash. Each employee gets 16 hours paid leave per annum to perform volunteer activities. In July every year, Vodacom employees are encouraged to join community activities during company time, using tools and equipment provided by the Vodacom Foundation.

We further support a culture of volunteering by matching funds raised by employees and offering financial support towards the purchase of equipment and tools when a Vodacom team plans volunteer activities.

Vodacom Change the World

Volunteering is another key focus of the Vodacom Foundation. The Vodacom Change the World programme - first introduced in 2011 - gives all individuals the opportunity to volunteer their time and skills by working at a non-profit organisation (NPO) for a period of 12 months, at no cost to the NPO. To date, 60 volunteers with their 60 respective NPOs have successfully participated, and each one of them has made a difference in the period that they worked with their NPO.

Through this programme, we contribute towards skills development and help create a culture of volunteering through the transfer of human capital. By relieving NPOs of the burden of paying for the services of skilled volunteers who are passionate about working for a good cause, the programme provides much-needed expertise to the NPO sector.

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