Vodacom Safety and Security

The Vodacom Foundation has invested R4.2 million in a 24-hour call centre dedicated to providing support and counselling to victims of gender-based violence. These funds also help cover the cost of the call centre’s ICT infrastructure.

We support a number of non-profit organisations in the safety and security sector. The Vodacom Foundation funds these NGOs allowing them to provide support in the area of safety and security, as well as assist victims of gender-based violence.

These organisations include:

  • WMACA (Women & Men Against Child Abuse) - provides counselling and support to rape survivors and the conviction of abusers.
  • New Beginningz - a home that provides support to abandoned babies.
  • ACFS (African Children’s feeding Scheme) - provides daily meals to 700 children in Soweto.
  • Orlando Children’s Home - provides care for 80 young orphans in Soweto.

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