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The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) enables nurses at clinics to manage the availability of chronic medication and avoid stock-outs. It’s expensive for people to get to their local clinic to pick up their TB or ARV medication, but often there’s no stock available when they arrive and they can’t afford return trips to the clinic.

The availability of stock has a real impact on their health and it’s also important for patients to take their medication at the same time every day. This solution gives visibility to the national Department of Health (DoH) allowing them to view stock-outs of medication while the new mobile-enabled system lets the department create a JIT (just in time) supply of medications at these clinics. This is a first for the DoH.

In another health project, the Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP) provides nurses with mobile phones so they can capture the outcome of health assessments done on learners (such as dental, eye and general health). These results are easily updated on a central system. When a child needs help – like getting eye glasses or gaining some weight and nourishment – referrals are sent to school nurses who provide further health assistance via 33 mobile health clinics owned by the national Department of Health. The first assessment takes place in Grade 1 to ensure that learners receive assistance the moment they enter the education system.

Regarding multi-year funded projects, the Vodacom Foundation has long-standing relationships with several non-profit organisations. We provide funding that enables these NPOs to support and assist in the areas of health and medicine.

These organisations include:

  • Ndlovu Care Group - provides nutritional and medical assistance to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in the Groblersdal area.
  • Smile Foundation - provides operations to children in need of cleft lip and palate surgery, putting the smile back on their faces and providing support to their families.
  • SANCB (South African National Council for the Blind) - provides much-needed cataracts operations to people in rural communities.
  • Netcare Foundation - provides craniofacial operations to patients born with conditions such as craniosystosis.

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