Values and Vision

Values and Vision

Our Purpose

Connecting you, creating possibilities, changing lives

Why we exist?

Our reason to get up in the morning: knowing that what we do has the potential to change things for the better, and that we have the opportunity to do things better every single day by innovating. Read More

Our Vision

Best network, best value, best service

Where are we going?

Were focussing on making our vision real, specifically through our brand promise of best network, best value, best service and everything that goes into keeping our promise.

Our Strategies

What we need to do?

This is everything we need to do boiled down into five strategies

  • Deliver the best customer experience
  • Grow data, enterprise, new services and grow internationally
  • Make our processes and businesses more efficient
  • Build a diverse and talented team
  • Transform society and build stakeholder trust

Our Way

Speed, simplicity and trust

How we need to do it?

The Vodacom Way is the antidote to bureaucracy, if something fails this test we find another solution

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