Company Structure

The following diagram shows the Group’s governance structures as at 31 March, 2014.

Corporate governance structure

BOARD (Board committee)

Nomination committee

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Remuneration committee

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Social and Ethics committee

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Executive committee

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Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

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Independent non-executive directors

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Non-executive directors

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Executive directors

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CEO (Executive committee) & &
Customer operations
Corporate Affairs
Legal and Regulatory
Human Resources
Strategy and new business

The Board takes overall responsibility for Vodacom’s success. Its role is to exercise leadership and sound judgement in directing Vodacom to achieve sustainable growth and act in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Statement

Vodacom is committed to the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and professionalism.

The Board recognises the need to conduct the business in accordance with the principles of the King Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct (‘King III’). These principles include discipline, independence, responsibility, fairness, social responsibility, transparency and the accountability of directors to all stakeholders. A number of these principles are entrenched in the Group’s internal controls and policy procedures governing corporate conduct.

The Board is satisfied that every effort has been made in the financial year to 31 March 2014 to comply in all material aspects with King III. Where we do not comply, this is stated and explained.

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